After a very nice breakfast at Hvanneyri, the program of day three of the TreProX Icelandic workshop started formally at Mógilsá, the Iceland Forest Services Research Center. The Director of the center, Dr. Edda Sigurdís Oddsdóttir, began the program by telling the participants about forestry in Iceland, current situation and future challenges. Dr. Ólafur Eggertsson who works for the IFS then went briefly over the history of forestry in Iceland and after lunch he talked about a poplar standard that he is working on, in cooperation with other specialists, as well as TreProX related reasearch on timber strength in poplar and larch. Last on the program was Johan Vessby who gave a presentation about multistorey buildings, modular and CLT timber.

From Mógilsá the group went to Heiðmörk where the staff of Reykjavík Forestry Association showed everyone an area where the association is planning a cross-country skiing path and how the project is commencing. Afterwards they offered refreshments in their shed where the TreProX participants admired forestry tools and machinery, while enjoying coffee and pastry.