Workshop Iceland course material

In September 2020 the Agricultural University of Iceland in cooperation with the National Forest Service and Trétækniráðgjöf prepared a 7 day workshop at Hvanneyri campus and Hveragerði campus for 20 Icelandic, 6 Swedish and 6 Danish students. In addition participated as well the teachers and specialists from AUI, LNU, UCPH, Trétækniráðgjöf and the National Forest Service of Iceland. This workshop series included classroom lessons, excursions, practical exercises. Focus was laid on the status of wood processing in Iceland.

The workshop programme included an overview over the latest forest situation in Iceland and the existing infrastructure for wood processing. The workshop summed up experiences from the vocational training course series Green Forest 1 and 2.

Various excursions and practical exercises ensured the practical relevance of the workshop. The specialist Tomas Ivarsson from Swedish Wood Association participated as well in the workshop and trained the students in the classification scheme. The workshop results enabled the students to take home lessons from Icelandic experiences and gave them valuable input for their own work-related challenges in their home countries. The output was the workshop curriculum that includes teaching materials, relevant literature references, presentations and a video documentation. All the presentations and the video documentation can be found on this website.