Workshop Denmark course material

The last workshop in the TreProX course series, in September 2022 the Copenhagen University prepared a 7 day workshop at Kopenhagen University – Forest Department – for 10 Icelandic, 6 Swedish and 6 Danish students. In addition participated the teachers and specialists from LbhI, Trétækniráðgjöf ehf, LNU and the National Forest Service of Iceland.

This workshop and course series included classroom lessons, excursions, practical exercise and training units on the saws. Focus was laid on forest planning and small scale saw mills. Many guest lecturer and external trainers visited the workshop as well, e.g. professional instructors from the saw mill provider WOOD MIZER who trained the students in practical aspects. The output was the workshop curriculum that includes teaching materials, relevant literature references, presentations, video tutorials.

All the learning materials and videos have been published at the learning platform The workshop has been documented in a video documentary as well.