Teaching Materials for Wood Processing in Iceland Description of the project


Both, Sweden and Denmark have gather through the years a lot of experience in teaching sustainable forestry and wood processing. There is a wide selection of teaching material relevant to this project. During the project we carefully identified material for use in further Green forest workshops in Iceland, as well as for use for the participating students in this project.
We understand that our achievements has been to gather knowledge and material for use in education and in the industry and therefore to improve and enhance the knowledge about timber processing, e.g. sawing, drying, storing and utilizing different species of timber.

Teachers and students have used this teaching material in the workshops related to this project. In order to make the output more attractive for students and teachers, we put emphasize on the use of mulitmedia. Many materials are in the form of presentations. In order to give them all a unique signature, the format and design of all start pages of all materials follow the same principles. By engaging a film maker into the project, we could produce a lot of video tutorial and video documentations as well.

All the teaching material is available on the teaching platform as presentations:

  • Teaching Platform: Forest Management (6 files)
  • Teaching Platform: Sawing (5 files)
  • Teaching Platform: Drying 3 files)
  • Teaching Platform: Loggers (7 files)

An important contribution to the creation of the teaching material compilation, was the cooperation with a video- and filmmaker. Many of the videos convey the content of the workshops, interviews with teacher and trainers, and interviews with professionals from the sector. There are both, short video tutorials and longer documentations. All of the products and outputs are available here on the teaching platform

All the videos produced are available on and under each workshop:  (21 videos)  (16 videos)  (1 video)