Wood Processing Standards for Iceland

This output will cover the translation of the relevant sets of qualified European standards in wood processing (main focus on birch, spruce and pine timber). These norms will be translated from Swedish to Icelandic.

This output includes as well the preparation of teaching materials covering wood processing standards in form of a handbook/manual. So far do such norms not exist in Iceland. The translation and approval of such standards will be of prerequiste for the timber-related industry to launch operations on a professional level.

To communicate these standards in a educational way it will be important that learning material will be designed leading step-by-step through standard procedures, principles, criteria and standard indicators. Learning materials should include practical aspects.

Trétækniráðgjöf slf./Wood Technology will lead the work at this intellectual output in cooperation with IFS. Eiríkur Þorsteinsson has gathered teaching experiences in relation with timber standards in various countries. He possesses deep knowledge of existing standards within the timer sector. He knows the technical vocabulary which is of great importance when working/translating standards since the exact meaning of each criteria has to be on a very exact level. Nevertheless will we consult a professional translating service who will proofread the documents and adapt where necessary. The work on this output will include as well the consultation of experts from Icelandic Standards (IST).

Epilog: The translated norms mentioned above is a book called Handelssortering av trävaror in Swedish and got the name Gæðafjalir – Viðskiptaflokkun á timbri úr barrtrjám in Icelandic and is the E-Book on this TreProX website.